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Educational School Excursions

Let Nature be your teacher - William Wordsworth 

A fun, unique and playful day in a slightly different classroom: Nature! And… with slightly different teachers: the Butchulla people! 

Join us on this educational adventure on board of the Milbi, the safest boat you can find for your students, cruising smooth waters only, let it take your class on a journey to discover the rich Aboriginal culture, the breathtaking marine biodiversity and the beautiful islands of the Great Sandy Straits.

From prep to year 12 we can offer a memorable outdoor experience that simultaneously will assist you to meet the Australian Achievement Standards of any curriculum targets you are teaching. Our excursions involve different components including coral reefs, dolphins, turtles, sea bird colonies, manta rays, reef sharks, islands, history of our region, sustainability, Butchulla knowledge, art expressions, and lots of fun! 

Whether you are teaching Biology, Earth and Environmental Science, Inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island History and Culture, Marine Resources, or you are just interested on getting your students closer to nature and the Aboriginal history of this land, our excursions can be tailored to suit your needs, just talk to us. 

We are the only tour operator in Queensland that has integrated Aboriginal culture and marine experiences together; we are certified by Eco Tourism Australia as an Advanced Ecotourism Operator and by their Respect Our Culture Program. Join the experts and take a break from your classroom; let Hervey Bay Eco Marine Tours, the Butchulla people and your school collaborate together to create a memorable education experience for your students, and let nature be the teacher for a day!

Average excursion duration: 4hrs but tours can be tailored to suit your needs.

* for further information please contact Jacqui Hikuwai at