Let's Talk Eco and how you can help

So what’s being Eco all about? To put it simply - Not harmful to the environment or earth-friendly.

It is a firm belief of all the crew at Hervey Bay Eco Marine Tours that the pollution of the world needs drastic change. We invest into practices that conserve resources such as water and energy. Also implementing practices that prevent or limit air, water and land pollution, we play our part in the planets conservation by the following practices:

All products used on the Milbi are made from recycled materials, Yes, even our toilet paper!  We ask that guests bring their own refillable water bottle and we will fill them up for you before, during or after your tour.  When it comes to rubbish our staff collect and dispose of correctly and thoughtfully.

On our tours, guests are encouraged to respect our natural environment, and that the only things that should be taken from the beach is rubbish and memories.  All natural resources (coral, rocks, shells etc) are left where they are to continue with the flow of mother nature.  The reason we demonstrate these practices is to show the importance of preserving our planet. In pursuance of the coral reef remaining untouched, whilst snorkelling, we advise our guests to have no actual contact with the coral reef itself.

In our office, we only buy paper that is made from recycled products and since embracing ‘think before you print’ we have considerably minimised the amount of paper used. Communication between business partners is corresponded through email and telephone calls to reduce paper wastage.

Joining conservation projects are a great way that you can help restore our planet. Many organisations cover a vast range of environments, do a little bit of research to find one that touches your heart and become a volunteer or donate money to help support people who are giving back to help the planet. 

We did not inherit this earth from our ancestors, We are borrowing it from our children.”