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Adventure Travel: How to Make the Most of your Stay in Hervey Bay

You’ve arrived to Hervey Bay and you sense a calm atmosphere, not much action going on and tours seem just too slow for your like. Don’t judge a book by its cover! Yes, town is peaceful but you can have your share of adrenaline while visiting the bay.

Here’s your guide to the most adventurous tours in Hervey Bay that will give you an experience you’ll never forget.

Things to do in Hervey Bay - tours
Photo by @tasmanventure & @weekender_tv

Remote Fraser Experience

Oh THE Remote! This tour is one of a kind, a full-day out that’s just a-we-so-me.

What’s included? Expect a nice day on the boat, a fully catered belly, energetic and friendly crew, a visit to the remote west beaches of Fraser Island, a climb up to silica sand dunes, kayak options at the Wathumba Creek, swim and snorkel, guided bush walks and free water sports.

And wait for it… During the whale watching season (Jul-Oct) this tour becomes the Remote Fraser Island & Whale Experience, meaning: you can watch and/or SWIM with the whales, yes, s-w-i-m!

Hervey Bay not so boring, hey?

Fraser Island tours from Hervey Bay
Photo by @tasmanventure & paulaurischphotography

Hervey Bay Jet Ski Tours

Two options to jump on a jet ski and explore around. Prices are very similar, so you better focus on choosing your speed!

Aquaveu Watersports is located at The Esplanade in Torquay; if you’re closer to that area this is a good place to go, choose the Moon Run Point for 120min or the Fraser Island Jetski Safari for 180min. Fraser Coast Jet Ski Tours is based at the Hervey Bay Marina, and they also offer an afternoon session if you’re not an early bird.

Both will take you to Moon Point of Fraser Island, a great adrenaline experience in one of the most beautiful parts of the world! Go for it!

Things to do in Hervey Bay - jetski tours
Photo by @aquavuehb

Swimming with Whales

This one is not for the faint hearted! And let us tell you, there’re no words to describe what it feels to have such majestic creatures swimming around you!

If you’re on the bay between July and September, this is the perfect time to try your luck and swim with the humpbacks! If you have the opportunity, please do it! We’ve prepared this guide to explain the three options available to swimming with whales in Hervey Bay.

Swimming with whales Hervey Bay
Photo by @herveybaywhalewatch

Fraser Island Tours

Ok, any tour to Fraser Island will be an adventure, a self-drive even more, a fly and drive will be another level. It’s up to you how adventurous you want to be in the biggest sand island of the world. Open this guide to all Fraser Island Tours from Hervey Bay.

Fraser Island tours from Hervey Bay
Photo by @weekender_tv

Turtle Discovery Tour

Ok, ok, we've got probably a bit intense and you’re actually looking for something a bit more mellow?

Thank God the Turtle Discovery Tour exists! The perfect combination of action and chill. Snorkel the reef, visit islands, swim, take a walk, listen to Butchulla stories and a Welcome to Country directly from an Indigenous guide, look out for turtles, dolphins and dugongs.

This tour is the perfect middle way and the perfect connection with nature on Country.

Things to do in Hervey Bay - Culture tours
Photo by @weekender_tv


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