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The Milbi

Our Vessel

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Our Vessel Master


Our Creator

Joe Our Butchulla Inspiration

Behind the dream are the dreamers...

We are a family business owned and operated by Wil and Jacqui Hikuwai. Read more about us here.

We are located on the beautiful Fraser Coast (QLD) and it’s our wish to share our knowledge of the region in the most environmentally friendly and engaging way. 


We are pleased to offer a range of tours from early morning through to sunset. It's our intention to fulfill your expectations with an unforgettable experience coupled with outstanding customer service.

The Milbi is the only glass bottomed vessel in Hervey Bay and one of the largest in Australia. It's eco-friendly and has large glass panels, affording a clear view of the coral gardens and marine life both, by day and by night. She is comfortable and steady, ensuring you the ultimate experience on the calm waters of Hervey Bay. The vessel is proudly named "Milbi", which is Butchulla for sea turtle. Our gratitude is deep for all Butchulla people past and present.

It's our pleasure to share the beauty of the Great Sandy Straits Marine Park with you and look forward to seeing you on board.

Under Water


to Hervey Bay Eco Marine Tours

Indigenous Tourism Queensland
Indigenous Tourism Queensland

Meet the crew!

Indigenous Tourism Queensland


Our Vessel Master

More than 40 years of experience at sea: water, nature & islands make Wil feel at home, and as such, he'll make you feel at home on board.



Our Creator

"We could not have created Hervey Bay Eco Marine Tours without the Butchulla people. We travel on Butchulla land and sea for which we are very grateful.



Our Butchulla Sea Eagle

Burrad: the White Breasted Sea Eagle. Proud of his land, of his ancestors, passing on his knowledge to the next generations.



Our Butchulla Royalty

Joe Joe, a Butchulla legend who's charisma, heart, big smile and vast knowledge will take you on a unique indigenous journey.



Our All Round Good Guy

"Take care of the ocean and she will take care of you."



Our Ecotourism Consultant

"Ecotourism is such a great opportunity to get in touch with nature and with local cultures. Play a role in protecting them by being a conscious traveller."



Our Butchulla Princess

Emily's Butchulla name is Milbi (turtle), she is our Butchulla princess, the representative of future generations and the young spark of Hervey Bay Eco Marine Tours. 



Our Expert Marine Biologist

No Marine Biologist knows the Sandy Straits better than Yvonne. While you relax on board, you'll simultaneously understand more this region.



Our Butchulla Storyteller

Dingka Dingka, the storyteller that will take you step by step to all the Dreatime stories of this beautiful land.

But we're many more! We're a family

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Indigenous Tourism Queensland
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