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The Ultimate Guide of Things to do in Hervey Bay

By Tania Romero

Hervey Bay Eco Marine Tours

Queensland offers an awesome guide of 30 things to do on the Fraser Coast, but here we list the best things to do in Hervey Bay, one of the gems of the Fraser Coast region!


Hervey Bay is a unique place to visit, you’ll be blown away by its beauty and the Great Sandy National Park. And if you live in Bundaberg, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane or Gold Coast, this is the perfect getaway; so many fun things to do in Hervey Bay within a short distance drive.


Local operators offer a variety of tours ranging from island hopping, snorkelling, Indigenous experiences, fishing charters, whale watching cruises and visits to the biggest sand island of the world, Fraser Island.

Because of the many Hervey Bay attractions, it can be confusing to choose the tour that suits you best. Are you a family with kids? A senior? An adventurer looking for adrenaline? A solo traveller? Here the saying “one size fits all” do not apply; and we have seen visitors signing up for the wrong tour, spoiling their whole experience in Hervey Bay. No need of that!

This is the ultimate guide to find the right tour, just for you! We know this area like the palm of our hands and we want you to discover Hervey Bay the right way.

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