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Fun and Meaningful Things to Do in Hervey Bay for Schools

For any kid, going outdoors, experiencing nature first-hand and having a painted-up friendly Butchulla teacher for a day is fun and meaningful. Who could disagree with this? If you did a school excursion, we’re sure you remember the experience with a smile, it may have even changed your life!

This is why a school excursion with Hervey Bay Eco Marine Tours is always a fantastic idea! And what a better opportunity to teaching our kids about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait people than from them directly?

Take note teachers and parents: 3 excursion options that will make a difference ‘at school’, just put that on the table with your Principal.

Djinang Cultural Walking Tour

If your school is concerned about safety or you just prefer to keep your kids on the ground, this cultural walking tour is IDEAL!

Take your group out for a walk with the Butchulla people. Botany will be at the forefront of the teachings combined with beautiful Dreamtime stories. Kids get to see a Welcome to Country, paint-up their faces if they want to, do workshops with natural materials, try bush tucker, learn about terrestrial wildlife and much more. Honestly, this is so much fun and full of learnings!

Weenandin (Round Island)

Here we add a boat ride to the experience and take your group to Weenandin, where the magic takes place. The Milbi vessel, our risk assessment and our crew are all trained and certified to take care of your group.

The setting invites to run free and play on the island as well as to have close encounters with marine wildlife. The Dreamtime stories go to another level by having an open space and views to more iconic areas of this beautiful region. An unforgettable day out!

Marine Studies

This excursion is ideal from year 7 to year 12 and is sooo awesome! Imagine all you get from the Djinang and Weenandin excursions, but with the add on of a snorkelling experience searching for turtles and corals, and if the tide allows it, a visit to Pelican Banks with its white silica sand and crystal waters. Oh my! More opportunities to find dolphins and dugongs along the way, see more sea birds, so much to learn from.

All excursions can be customized to tailor your curriculum needs. Just talk to Jacqui and she’ll put on the best Butchulla guide and a Marine Biologist to lead your group. You’ll love it so much that we’ll bet you’ll put this on your yearly calendar :-)


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