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6 Excellent Things to do in Hervey Bay for Locals

We get it locals! At times it can feel like we cannot explore our own backyard because local tours seem pricey, we live already in paradise and paying for a tour might be like: naahhh… But you might be missing out though! There’s so much we can do and learn from our beautiful Hervey Bay by joining a tour, and it’s all about knowing the many options available for us.

Whether you’re looking for things to do in Hervey Bay during school holidays or just for the weekend, here we list the best 6 tour options for locals to rediscover our bay:

Things to do in Hervey Bay sunset
Photo by @linda_mackay_photography

Turtle Discovery Tour

What’s great about this turtle tour is that you not only get to spend a day out in the water (which is good for a change), but you’ll get to learn more about our Butchulla legacy. We’re standing in Butchulla Country and most of us don’t know much about it, so connect with nature on Country with them! The traditional custodians of this region can teach us all about the rich biodiversity that provide our livelihoods and the many possibilities to connect and use the resources we’re blessed to have in Hervey Bay.

The Butchulla guides will tell you everything they know! On top, you’ll get to relax, get spoiled by the crew, swim, snorkel and visit either Round Island, Big Woody Island or Pelican Bank. You won’t get that sitting at home, hey?

Djinang Cultural Walking Tour

If paying for a cruise is not within your budget, this Indigenous walking tour is the way to go. It’s an invitation to walk around town and see it with different eyes. During 90min you’ll learn new things about the places you usually pass by but didn’t notice, you’ll learn about the uses of plants around us (you might be having THE remedy to your problem at your doorstep!), and you’ll do activities with Butchulla people that will be fun and unique.

Bored of scrolling down on your phone? Get up and see the paradise you live in! Go for a cultural walk and spend your morning well.

Horse Riding

Susan River Homestead is just a 20ish minute drive from town (probably even closer to you!), and it offers so many options to spend the holidays or the weekend, not only horse riding. You can pay a fee to spend the day at their facilities, they have 1,600-acres to explore, a lake and a homey resort with a pool, a massive trampoline, a restaurant, and everything you need to spend a different day out. They’ve so many aquatic activities going on! Wohoo!

Things to do in Hervey Bay - horse riding
Phot by @danandsteph13

Affordable Whale Watching

Some locals have never seen whales but others have seen them for the 10000th time, and the later can tell you that it never gets old! You’ll smile big every time as if it was the first.

During the season, get out! See the whales, feed your soul with their presence, you’ll always feel grateful to yourself for choosing this.

Our pick for locals is Pacific Whale Foundation for three reasons: it’s a short ride, it’s the most affordable one and your ticket goes to local research to protect the whales. Make a difference in your life while protecting the life of our migratory neighbours ;-)

Things to do in Hervey Bay - whale watching
Photo by @pacificwhaleoz

Escape to Lady Elliot Island

Ok, this one may look expensive at first, but let’s see it from a different perspective.

This is the perfect holiday at your doorstep! Depart from Hervey Bay airport (so you get a flight experience), enjoy the beautiful scenery of our home from above, snorkel a VERY healthy reef, join a guided walking tour, have a luxury moment at a luxury resort (all-inclusive), and then… back home! No accommodation needed, so much money saved! Yet you’ll experience a paradise-like holiday that will reset you! Why not?

Things to do in Hervey Bay - Lady Elliot Island
Photo by @ladyelliotislandecoresort

BONUS: for Local Groups

Check our guide to things to do in Hervey Bay for groups, very good options and locals might get special deal ;-)


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