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6 Different Ways to Book a Fraser Island Tour from Hervey Bay

Fraser Island in Butchulla language is K’gari and it means paradise, and for us locals, this is its real name. We don’t need to say much, its native name carries its essence and this island is truly beautiful, but you need to see it with your own eyes.

There are many options to embark on an adventure to K’gari from Hervey Bay, but is probably too confusing to decide which tour suits you best. Self-drive adventure or a guided tour? Comfort or a raw 4wd experience? Day-trip or overnight? Fly or drive? And we could keep going… help!

Here we clear out all your doubts and have organised them by categories. Notice that all of them are fully catered, they all take you to the main highlights of the island and service is great. You focus on experiencing K’gari at its best!

Fraser Island tours from Hervey Bay
Photo by @visitfrasercoast

Day-trips in small groups

Some people just don’t like large groups and if this is you, the best is to choose an intimate 4wd tour experience with maximum 6 guests on board. The day-trips are led by Fraser Experience either on a 4wd or a Hummer. If you don’t mind a bit more guests and saving some bucks, Fraser Experience also offers the Day Experience Tour with 17 guests on board.

You’ll have lovely picnics and a full day outdoors.

Fraser Island tours from Hervey Bay - Fraser Experience Tours
Photo by @fraserexperiencetours

Day trips in comfort

Well, of course a Hummer is comfortable enough! But here we’ll focus on the comfort of a luxury bus and a lunch break at a resort. If you’d appreciate a bit of a break from the sand, then Fraser Explorer Tours will give you just that! An island adventure and some time at the restaurant of Eurong Beach Resort.

They offer the Explorer Tour with max 40 guests on board and the Explorer Premium Tour with only 18 guests on board.

Fraser Island tours from Hervey Bay
Photo by @fraserexplorertours

Tours best suited for 18-35yo

This modality is so good for the young people, but these ones are a 2-day or 3-day trips.

Cool Dingo Tour is super cool indeed. It runs for 3days/2nights and you’ll have a blast! Guides organise theme nights and plenty of activities to promote connection with the group. It’s so much fun and very active.

If you like smaller groups and have the opportunity to actually drive a 4x4 in Fraser Island, then join the Fraser Island Tagalong Tour for two days or three days. You’ll have more chances to connect with others as you share the ride in your 4x4 vehicle and take hands on the wheel. Fun! Same applies, plenty of activities included.

Fraser Island tours from Hervey Bay - Cool Dingo Tours
Photo by @cooldingotours

Self-drive, your way, your terms

This is for the adventurers! Just hire a 4wd and off you go, prices get cheaper for two days, three days and four days. It’s fun to understand the tides to drive along the beach and it feels really adventurous to be on your own driving these bumpy roads among the forest. You’ll love it! Tip: the more people, the cheaper!

Fraser Island tours from Hervey Bay - Self-drive
Photo by @visitfrasercoast

Ultimate adventure, fly & drive

This is the ultimate adventure! A day-trip or overnight, you’ll get the best of K’gari with scenic views from the sky and a self-drive experience in a luxury 4wd. Your guides will assist on organising the best itinerary for you to drive around, staff are on ground if you need assistance, and you can beat the crowds by choosing what to do and when. A Fly & Drive Adventure can get cheaper as you make your group gets bigger, have a look!

Fraser Island tours from Hervey Bay - Air Fraser Island
Photo by @airfraserisland

Remote west beaches by boat only

Aha! You probably didn’t know about this option, hey? But these tours are perfect to explore K’gari west coast that can only be reached by boat, and if bumpy roads are not your thing or just not possible, go on a cruise! (what a life!)

Listed by price and time spent on board here we go with the 4 options available:

1) Join an Eco Sailing Adventure that’ll focus on looking out for dolphins;

2) Join the Fraser Beach & BBQ Cruise that will not only take you to west beaches but will offer fun aquatic activities and an Aussie BBQ on board;

3) do the Remote Fraser Experience that’ll take you to more creeks and places to explore and play; or

4) DIY and hire your own charter, be a skipper for the day (or more!) and explore your way.

Fraser Island tours from Hervey Bay - West beaches
Photo by @whalesongcruises



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