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The 3 Tours that will Let You Swim with Whales in Hervey Bay

Swimming with whales is just so ohhh…. ahhh… ufff…. pfff… no words! You’ve to experience it and no words will do justice when trying to answer to “how was it?” The most special things in life are like that, aren’t they?

So, we’ll leave the story of what you’ll experience to yourself. Our job here is to explain the 3 tours that will make this dream come true.

But before that, some key points about swimming with whales in Hervey Bay, that are all based on respecting the whales as a top priority and caring for your safety:

  1. Swimming will only take place on the whales’ terms, aka when they show a calm curious behaviour. They’ll be the ones asking to check you out! This is when the magic happens, when we don’t force anything (and believe us, you wouldn’t like to be around when they’re all excited showing off and splashing water! No-no). When you sign up for a tour like this, remember that this will not be dictated by our human wishes (for once!).

  2. Swimming can only happen when adult whales are on the bay. July to mid-September is your time to shine! Once calves enter the bay, we must allow adults to focus on the baby ones, because this is a crucial training time for their long and dangerous migratory journey to come (unless you’re joining them all the way to Antarctica?).

  3. Swimming happens holding to a rope and within a delimited area. Why? Because it’s safe for YOU! Don’t underestimate the majestic size and power of these creatures, be humble and honour the moment they decide to gently approach to you. Allow yourself to be little, float, relax, make eye contact, and they’ll blow your mind away…

  4. Once you’re ready to get in, get in slowly, be like a feather falling on water. Contain your excitement for a moment, we know it’ll be hard, but it’ll make the whole difference as to whether the whale decides that you’re material worth checking out or not so much.

Now, let’s go to the tours!

Swimming with whales Hervey Bay
Photo by @markseabury

Hervey Bay Whale Watch

This cruise is perfect if you’re not so sure about jumping in or if don’t want to pay a full fee for swimming in case conditions are not optimum. This tour is only $115 and you’ll pay $100 extra only when the green light is on. This flexibility and savings come with the understanding that this cruise is not solely focused on swimming with whales, it’s actually focused on whale watching, but if the opportunity comes, they have all you’ll need to be just next to the whales. Not a bad deal, isn’t it?

Swimming with the whales Hervey Bay
Photo by @herveybaywhalewatch

Dive Centre

This tour is perfect if you’re all in for swimming with whales. If you want to maximise your chances, this small boat will focus on finding the right conditions during the whole 6hrs on board, they won’t give up, they are out looking for swimming experiences. All you’ve to do is to feel lucky! $195 per person and you’ll see that every cent will be worth it!

(Note: although Dive Centre is the name of the company, no diving with whales is allowed, only snorkelling).

Things to do in Hervey Bay - Swimming with the whales
Photo by @herveybaydivecentre

Remote Fraser & Whale Experience

The Remote is the tour to go to if you’re all in for swimming with whales but also for an extra adventure in west Fraser Island to play with whatever the day has to offer.

They’ll be also looking out for swimming experiences, but if conditions are not optimum at some point, they’ll take you to do awesome fun activities in dunes, creeks and beaches. While you play, the captain keeps constant radio communication to know what’s happening on the bay, and if whales are showing a calm and curious behaviour, he’ll definitely shot out and will take you out again! Many hours to play around, and no matter what, you’ll come back VICTORIOUS! $205 per person, full day out, and so much fun!

Swimming with the whales Hervey Bay
Photo by @tasmanventure


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