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Unlock the Secrets to 5 Exciting Senior’s Tours of Hervey Bay

Want to explore Hervey Bay, maybe Fraser Island, and is never clear which tour is going to be rather a daunting experience? Yep, we’ve seen many young from the heart ruining their holidays by choosing the wrong tour or lining them up in the wrong order.

Nobody takes the time to explain this to seniors, but we do! Because we care! We want you to rock’n’roll while you’re on the bay. So, check the 5 tours that will give you a great sense of adventure and a peace of mind:

Turtle Discovery Tour

For those who want to snorkel, this is the safest tour to do so. And for those who rather stay on board, there’s no missing out! See the coral from the top down with the glass-bottom boat, in the comfort of your dry clothes ;-)

The Milbi vessel is spacious and comfortable, navigates smooth waters only and offers direct beach landings. No acrobatics needed! You’ll visit an island where you’ll be received by a warm Welcome to Country, and all along the way you’ll hear Dreamtime Butchulla stories while spotting marine wildlife if you’re in luck. Perfect combination of action & tranquillity; a connection with nature on Country.

Sunset Cruise

Seniors love this tour option because it’s short, it’s easy, it’s peaceful, and it comes with nibbles and bubbles to drink. Hallelujah! See the options:

1) Milbi Sunset: cruise with an Indigenous experience, listen to the enchanting sounds of the didgeridoo as the sun sets, comfortable & spacious boat. If conditions are ideal, see the coral through the glass-bottom with special night lights.

2) Hervey Bay Cruise: a bigger cruise experience, navigate around peacefully.

3) Champagne Sunset Sail: an experience with a sailing twist, slow, quiet & relaxing, but not suitable for people with mobility constraints.

Fishing Charter

Not much to say in this one, if you’re into fishing, this is for you! Our pick for seniors is Princess II. It’s the most affordable option, it’s traditional, a friendly captain will prepare you a nice rib fillet BBQ on board, you’ll keep your catch and you’ll be all catered for. A chill full day out in the water.

Fraser Island for Seniors*

There’s three ways of exploring the island for seniors: 1) a full day 4x4 tour which will demand good energy to wander around (well worth it though!); 2) an easy cruise to the west beaches that will require you just to enjoy yourself; or 3) a day away at a resort that will call for full relaxation.

Our picks for seniors in these categories are:

1) Full day 4x4 tour by Fraser Explorer Tours, maximum comfort guaranteed!

2) West beaches cruise: Fraser Beach & BBQ Cruise by Whalesong

3) Day Away at Kings Fisher Bay Resort

* What seniors MUST know about Fraser Island 4x4 tours: full day of activity, moderate fitness required. The day before visiting Fraser Island, choose a calm tour (e.g. sunset cruise). We recommend not booking a tour the day after, give yourself time to recharge to then continue the adventure.

Whale Watching

Any whale watching cruise in Hervey Bay will be great for seniors. Just choose the cruise style you like, how long you want to be out, and if you want kids or not on board. Check this blog to understand all cruises available on the bay.

Things to do in Hervey Bay - whale watching
Photo by @herveybaywhalewatch

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