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Why Couples Love These Romantic Things to do in Hervey Bay

Without a doubt, Hervey Bay has the most breathtaking sunsets of Australia’s east coast. The shape of our bay and our long pier offer this rare opportunity, and with it, romantic vibes get easily switched on.

Hervey Bay sunsets are not the only highlight of the bay; couples also love the Great Sandy National Park sights, its unique sand formations, its crystal waters and its beautiful islands that offer an unbelievable romantic setting! The place will do the job for you! ;-)

Check the tours that will take you to the best parts of this paradise and get romantic:

Hervey Bay sunset
Photo by @paulaurischphotography

Hervey Bay Sunset Cruise

This is a classic, all of them offer nibbles and complementary drink on arrival, and there’re 3 types of sunset cruises on the bay:

1) Milbi Sunset: this is the cruise with an Indigenous experience. Enjoy a delicious grazing platter and a drink while listening to the enchanting sounds of the didgeridoo as the sun sets. If conditions are ideal, see the coral over the glass-bottom with special night lights. A beautiful dream, isn’t it?

2) Hervey Bay Cruise: a bigger cruise experience with hot and cold platters, welcome drink on arrival and the beautiful sunset in the background.

3) Champagne Sunset Sail: a sailing experience, slow, quiet, relaxing.

Romantic Picnic in Round Island

Whether you’re looking for something more affordable or just some privacy, a transfer to Round Island will offer a nice romantic setting just for you two. The captain can choose the most secluded part of the island, drop you off there, and just let the magic of the place do its job (a bit of creativity from you will be helpful too!) Tell your plans to the captain, he’ll be happy to be your accomplice.

Helicopter Flight

This great option will take you guys up to the sky (literally). Managed by a lovely couple themselves, they’ll help you arrange the flight of your dreams to see the beauty of this place from a privileged spot. You could fly for as little as 5 minutes at an affordable price, 15 minutes or 30 minutes. Personalise it, everything is possible!

Fly & Drive to Fraser Island or Escape to Lady Elliot

If you have more budget, these options are unbelievable good: a combination of flight sights & an island adventure. Just choose your preferred island style.

If you feel like exploring a big island, drive by the beach and through the forest, then Fly & Drive to Fraser Island is the way to go. But if you prefer a small tropical island vibe, comfort and relaxation with a magical snorkel experience, then Lady Elliot is the answer. The rest… don’t worry about the rest, you guys will LOVE IT!

Romantic things to do in Hervey Bay - Fraser Island
Photo by @earthwithus

Turtle Discovery Tour

We didn't see how romantic this tour could be, but clearly 'Visit Queensland' saw on it high romantic potential. Just read their blog and see!

Whale Watching

Whale watching season might not feel as private or as romantic, but honestly, whales will imprint a smile on your faces (whether you want it or not). There’re kids-free cruises or swim with whales experiences that will suit couples best.


We get it, not all couples are corny and into romantic settings. If you’re more of an adventurous couple, then this blog is for you.

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