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Discover Hervey Bay, Discover Yourself: 4 Tours for Solo Travellers

Hervey Bay is a peaceful town, a perfect getaway for solo travellers. Its beaches are calm and beautiful, great for a quiet time and inward reflexion, yet you’ll find many opportunities for connection and meeting new people.

We’re sure you’ll find great joy in joining a meaningful tour, because sometimes solos need that ‘aha moment’ that comes from an activity you do or from something you hear.

We’ve carefully selected the tour attractions that will enrich your solo trip and take it to the next level:

Things to do in Hervey Bay travelling solo
Urangan Pier - Photo by @brunagobid

Turtle Discovery Tour

This tour is famous amongst solo travellers. No wonder why; it offers a unique combination of fun activities, but the key part that solos love is the opportunity to connect with Butchulla people.

The tour is guided by a Butchulla man, thirsty to share their traditional knowledge, and guess who interacts with them the most? Yep, solo travellers. On top, you’ll have the chance to snorkel the reef, walk around an island, spot wildlife, swim, relax, chat to the Captain and other friendly crew members. Just magic!

Djinang Cultural Walking Tour

This is another opportunity to interact with Indigenous people but in a different setting. Take a short walk around town with a local Butchulla guide, let him teach you about plants and its uses (you’ll see them with different eyes after this tour!) and learn about terrestrial wildlife.

During the 90min walk, you’ll find many little surprises; the guide may give you to try bush tucker, or teach you how to make your own smudge stick to invite positive energy into your life, paint up your face, and who knows what else! They know so much we don’t. You’ll have meaningful day out guaranteed! Read this blog by Joanne Tracy who joined this walking tour as a solo traveller herself. Final note: check the price, is so affordable.

Fraser Island Tours

If you have a larger budget, Fraser Island tours from Hervey Bay offer two very good options for solo travellers.

If you’re between 18-35yo the Cool Dingo Tour is very cool indeed. It runs for 3days/2nights and you’ll have a blast! Many of the guests are solo travellers themselves so guides organise theme nights and plenty of activities to promote connection, plus you’ll have a big island to explore. You’ll not get bored!

If you like smaller groups and have the opportunity to actually drive a 4x4 in Fraser Island, then join the Fraser Island Tagalong Tour for two days or three days. Age group is a bit older and you’ll have more chances to connect with others as you share the ride in your 4x4 vehicle. Lots of adventures and support from the group as one by one take hands on the wheel. Fun! Same applies, plenty of activities included.

Photo by @fraser_dingo

Whale Watching

Oh the whales!... what can we say? You and the whales, on a date… think about it…

Whale watching season runs from mid-July to mid-October, and this experience is just soooo beautiful and great for a solo traveller. There’re so many cruise options to choose from, check this blog.

Things to do in Hervey Bay - whale watching
Photo by @photosbyfarr

BONUS: Feeling Adventurous?

Probably you're more of a solo traveller looking for adrenaline. Check our adventure travel guide while in Hervey Bay!


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